StG Intranet

Type:Systems Development, Website Design
Client:Scientific and Technical Gases

Our clients were looking for an intranet website that would allow their staff to easily read company news, access commonly used tools, and quickly make a help request to the helpdesk when they encountered any IT issues.

Using the Zurb Foundation 5 framework with AngularJS, we created an elegant solution that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

StG Intranet website design by OAC Designs

News & Live Sales Data

The body of the webpage consists of multiple content panels, each presenting several slides of news and other info in a similar fashion to the new Windows 8 Metro Tiles.

Live sales info is pulled from their databases via ajax, while the news articles are loaded from theirĀ wordpress-powered newsboard, again using ajax. AngularJS facilitates this with ease, allowing the articles and data to be fetched as JSON and then automatically updating the page to display this info due to its powerful two-way data binding.

While the tiles only show an excerpt text for each news article, the full news article is readable through a stylish modal window, along with any additional images for that article.

StG Intranet news tile webdesign

IT Help Desk

A simple form, presented in a modal window, allows the user to issue support requests to the IT help desk.

AngularJS allows for easy, real-time form validation and also elegantly facilitates the encoding and sending of the form data via ajax to the helpdesk API service running on a separate server.
The beauty of this implementation is that the browser never has to refresh and informs the user when their ticket has been created successfully, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.

StG Intranet - IT Support Request Form

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