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Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd. sell calibration gases and related equipment worldwide. We designed and developed a website to promote their new range of high quality regulators — the Gentec Range.

StG Gentec Regulators Website

A Clean, Modern Design

We built the website from the ground, using a clean design with corporate colours to present the new Gentec range in a professional light while emphasising its high quality.

Using a fluid design and jQuery’s animation features, we built an extensive user experience around the flagship product page. Using a single-page design, we presented these two flagship products, and displayed their details and technical information along with a transition upon selection.




Extra Functionality

The client requested integration of a “Request for Quotation” form to help streamline enquiries from the website and give the sales team a fixed format from which they could easily quote customers.

We built a simple form that doubled as an analytics device, giving an indication of not only the return on investment associated with the website, but also providing crucial statistics about the products, their use within different industries and the various countries of the customers; the kind of information is invaluable for target marketing campaigns.

Design with A/B Testing

We used A/B testing  (also known as split testing) to help us make some key design decisions and further optimise the usability of the website post launch. This involved creating multiple versions of a page with key user interface (UI) elements presented in a different way. The different designs were presented to users when they viewed the site and their interactions with the UI elements was recorded.

We were then able to use this information to determine the most effective combination of design, text and position for these elements, and subsequently increase the number of quotes and inquiries gained through the site.

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