StG Employee Photography

Client:Scientific and Technical Gases

StG are a global supplier of high quality calibration gases, based locally in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

We provided them with employee photography for a variety of uses including press releases, internal organisation charts, and news articles.


Photography of 60+ Employees

We took multiple individual portrait shots of each employee with different poses for variety, and took some group shots of managers and directors. We photographed over 60 employees, and spread the shoot out across several days to accommodate different employee’s shifts and holiday plans.

We created a temporary studio at StG’s offices and set up a basic two-point lighting for the majority of the portraits. We used shoot-through umbrellas to create a large light source resulting in soft shadows and even lighting.


StG multiple employee portrait photography

Onsite Studio and Office Photography

We used a portable studio setup for portraits requiring a plain white backdrop, but also used StG’s offices to create a variety of other shots with a more interesting background.

StG Danny O'Neil Portrait Photograph

Laurie Bettany Portrait Photography

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