Pricing and Quotation System

Type:Systems Development, Website Design
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The result of this ongoing project is a multi-purpose system which deals with various aspects of creating and pricing calibration gas mixtures, as well as handling customer relations.

Built using Laravel for the backend (as a RESTful API), with AngularJS in the frontend.

Argo Dashboard

With this system a user is able to create calibration gas mixtures, run calculations to determine max fill-pressures, compressabilities, toxicity, flammability, production safety, etc. and subsequently calculate the actual cost of the mixture based on per-gramme cost of it’s components as well as the mixture price based on a pricing algorithm.

These gas mixtures can be added to a quotation, along with existing products and accessories, which is then sent to customers/prospects through the system. Quotations can be tracked through the system.

Auxiliary features of the system included  a searchable database of chemical info, a self-updating material safety datasheet database (MSDS), Order progress tracking, various calculation tools and extensions to an existing Sage database system.

More details to come soon…

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