2K Artist

Type:Website Design

2K Artist is a portfolio website we built for an artist based in London, UK.
Our client needed a website to promote her photography, sketches and digital art in a clean and intuitive way that doesn’t detract from the art itself.

We achieved this through a minimalistic design that placed as much emphasis on the artwork as possible while not limiting the overall experience for the user.


Fluid design, dynamic content

The website features a fluid grid-type layout which resizes according to the dimensions of the user’s screen.

JavaScript and Ajax is used to retrieve and display the art work dynamically, providing an uninterrupted browsing experience for the user. A full-screen view is displayed upon clicking on individual images, facilitated by the Fancybox jQuery plugin.

We also built our own simple, lightweight content management system to allow the client to add new albums, upload images, and modify various sections of text on the website.

2KArtist website screenshot

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