Photoshop swatch palette for Bootflat

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A free download of photoshop swatches for Bootflat, a Bootstrap theme with a  colourful flat UI

Most developers will be familiar with the css framework Bootstrap, and the multitude of themes to make it look extra pretty.
One such theme I’ve come across and used on several projects is Bootflat, a beautifully flat styling that brings your boring Bootstrap UI website to life.

I don’t always use Bootstrap for my UI, but it can be nice to still use the styles and colours from this flat theme. While working on a recent design I found the desire to do this and the same colour pallette when creating my Photoshop mockups, so I created a swatch palette to make life easy. If you find yourself in a similar situation, below is a link to download the swatches so you can import them into Photoshop.

Pretty simple.
Now enjoy a new colourful palette for use in your UI design.

Also be sure to checkout Bootflat’s own PSD UI kit if you plan to create mockups with their UI in mind.

Using the swatches

To install the swatches, click on the menu icon in your swatch panel and then click either “Load Swatches” to append the swatches to your current set, or “Replace Swatches” to, well, replace them.

how to access the swatch menu


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